Who are the RPGentlemen?

If you're reading this, congratulations! You’ve just made a gang of nerds' dreams come true in a way that only mind-altering substances previously could! But thanks to you, we now need only our collective imaginings and a few cups of coffee for our dreams to become reality. A horrifyingly bizarre and twisted reality, but there are plenty of puns, so that's pretty fun!

At RPGentlemen, we pride ourselves on our improvisational skills. Making bold decisions to keep us on our toes and drive us to create stronger and stranger stories. It is this desire to dangle our legs over the precipices of unpreparedness that has driven us to declare ourselves The People's Campaign!

Have you lovingly crafted a bizarre magical item? A conniving NPC with backstory aplenty? A monster so hideous, it’s mere description causes lesser players to soil their codpieces? Even if you’ve written an entire adventure that you’d like to hear acted out in dramatic and/or silly voices, we will be the dancing monkey to your organ grinder! Send us your maps, your lore, your huddled classes yearning to gain XP, and we promise to use them to grandiose effect. At the very least, we’ll find a way to make it rhyme.

Seriously though, the prep for this podcast has been ungodly fun, and we are ecstatic that you're listening to it! And if you’re just reading this post rather than listening to the podcast, you are a very confusing person with unknowable motivations, yet we still crave your delicious delicious attention, so please give the first episode a listen!

The Dungeon Masters


DM: Serenity, Superheros, Numenera

Player: The Kain Campaign

Bio: Patrick is a writer (He's been published here) and improv comedian who dies professionally as a Murder Mystery actor when he's not playing D&D. He one day hopes to own a domestic trickster spirit aka a kitten.


DM: The Kain Campaign

Player: Serenity, Superheros

Bio: David is an improv comedian and aspiring screenwriter. He also frequently searches for dark matter and plays with liquid nitrogen. He enjoys brewing, then drinking beer, and coming up with creative ways to kill his friends.


DM: ???

Player: Serenity, Superheros

Bio: Dan, when spending time away from gainful employment, enjoys performing and teaching improv, playing games with friends, as well as most other things. He uses his imagination for good.

The Players


Player: The Kain Campaign

Bio: Sean is a radiographer, gym employee, and semi professional conversationalist with a degree in speechy things. When he isn't inanely babbling or whispering all things clover, he writes music, enjoys exercise, and plays video games.



Player: The Kain Campaign

Bio: Steven is a stand-up and improv comedian as well as a would-be screenwriter and sketch comedy writer. To support this lunacy, he oversees an apartment building as a debris concierge, which is a fancy term for custodian, which is a fancy term for janitor.



Player: The Kain Campaign

Bio: Austin is a content marketer, blogger, and D&D rookie. When he's not learning how to make initiative rolls, he enjoys long walks on the beach, dancing in the rain, and making up biographical details that aren't true but would sound nice on a Tinder profile. Is there a Tinder for D&D characters? His character Arkmenos wishes there was. He'd have five different profiles, minimum.


Player: Superheros

Bio: Lauren is a senior (in school, not in age, but still wishes she got senior citizen discounts to the Minnesota Zoo) who enjoys drums, brains, and improv. When not doing any of the three things listed above, she enjoys smelling manly scented candles and having human conversations with her dogs.



Player: Superheros

Bio: Laura Moran (LR) is lucky enough to work with art during the day and with comedy at night. She thanks her funny friends for making sure she gets off her butt and does something creative every once in a while. Call for a good time. Leave a message at the tone. Beeeeeep.



Player: Numenera

Bio: Error 420, Bio Not Found.



Player: Serenity, Numenera

Bio: Alex is a person who gave up the glamorous struggles of law school for the unsightly mess of programming. In his spare time he uses his faulty decision making for the betterment of plot on your very own RPGentlmen Podcasts.



Player: Numenera

Bio: Clayton is a forced-laborer in a secret government work camp beneath the Washington Monument.  His only hobby is playing tabletop RPGs with his friends in Minnesota using a radio constructed out of spare copper wire and the bones of fallen workers.