Serenity: Revolutions

This week our familial heroes once again take the burden of 'Verse Rescue upon their muscular, stooped, and old shoulders, respectively. E11T/The Operator/space-god has a bit of a gambling problem, which means that the fate of the 'Verse depends on our heroes strategic, tactical, and seduction abilities. It's... kind of weird. I suggest you just listen to it. It will make more sense that way. Not a lot of sense. But more. 

Cross your fingers and jack into Lenny's livestream of sexiness with Episode 5 of The Serenity Campaign!

Serenity: Reloaded

This week we strap on our six-shooters and lace up our riding boots; the 'Verse is calling our name! That's right, it's time to revisit the Serenity campaign because watching Firefly is no longer enough for Patrick. He needs to live it! 

Mortecaih, Lenny, and Sammy The Hurtful Robot have taken life easy for the past year, but now their god-friend/god-father, E11T, has returned with a task for them; in the process, somehow one-upping their previous task of saving the 'Verse. This time, they've got to save... The universe.


Serenity Campaign #3 - We Game To Misbehave!

Fortify the barricades! Seal the entrances! Enable the overly-complicated concentric circular turrets. Those fools are making their way toward our secret underground base as we speak, and I will not have them blasting their way in here like a bunch of goram renegades. I mean, c’mon! There’s a fat old one, a delusional wannabe robot, and a Memento guy! If we let them get in here we’ll look even worse than they do.

What’s that? My sensors are picking up something moving extremely fast in the nearby canyon. Something with a jet engine. And a badass looking coat…

It’s time for a show of hands as our heroes face off with the once-loved Sammy, the traitorous robot. Despite being somewhat of a non sequitur, Sammy’s betrayal has thrown our adventurers and their empty stomachs into a timeless expanse of hyperspace, and it's there they make their stand. Heartbreak, hopelessness, and high-speed explosions abound in the thrilling conclusion to our three-part space opera. Have the tissues on hand for Episode 3 of The Serenity Campaign!

Serenity Campaign #2 - Dine & Dash!

Oi, Stuart! Get off yer goram ass and grab those forceps. I expect my special amber eye back in my head or you’ll be eating yer meals out of a feh feh pi goh without a straw! First them boys rip out my eye, then they make off with my ship… Why'd they have to do that to my long johns, eh? Seems right disrespectful, it does. Makes me feel like doing something disrespectful to them, if you catch my meaning… BEN TIAN SHENG DE YI DUI ROU! Watch where yer sewing! That’s my gou cao de eye yer messin’ with! It’s out of warranty, so be careful! Right, now that I've used up all the chinese phrases I know, we can be off to reacquaint ourselves with those thievin' bastards, and it won't seem strange that I don't use any of said phrases in my normal speakin' patterns. 

This week our wayward warpers find themselves victims of an interrupted brunch, bitter heartbreak, and also some minor lacerations. There’s no time for romance as the alliance closes in on our heroes, but salvation comes in the form of an extremely irish plot device with a terrible secret. Well, actually it’s Lenny’s terrible secret, but he couldn’t remember it, so his irish friend held onto it for him. Listen in as we serve up a heaping helping of hollandaise-topped action with an ice-cold glass of intrigue in Episode Two of the Serenity Campaign!


Serenity Campaign #1 - Leavin' Atmo'!

Well, Mr. Pensacola, I’m afraid the prognosis isn’t good for your son, Lenny. Now you mentioned that you have some medical experience yourself, which I’m assuming was more than simply driving from town to town selling the easily-convinced populace off-brand Space Viagra, so I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. He’s got Memento Disease -- what the laymans commonly call anterograde amnesia. He can’t form new memories so he’s not going to be great company, though he could possibly provide some dramatic tension were he to be put in the midst of some grand adventure…

This week the RPGentlemen tackle the important questions of the ‘verse as Patrick plunges Alex, David, and Dan into the cosmic kerfuffle that is his take on the Firefly universe. The unlikely trio of a smooth-talking salesman, his tough but thoroughly-Mementoed son, and a more-than-somewhat delusional engineer find themselves embroiled in a tale of deceit and… brown coats, probably? Listen in for all the Firefly lingo in Episode One of the Serenity Campaign!